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I could hear the bullet explode from the barrel of the firearm, penetrating through the air. The sound, dreadful, escaping her lips. I could see the bullet perice through her silky flesh, and her lying there; motionless on the floor. Then additional gunshots. The uproar of the sirens as they screeched to a stop in the front of my house and then....

Lindsey Thatcher's eyes popped open. Lying there in her cold sweat. The sweat trickled down her cheek, landng down on her pale blue sheets. She turned and looked at her alarm clock. The illuminescent red letters read 2 A.M.

"Hmm let's see that would be about 4 A.M. in Los Angeles, but does he ever call, probably forgotten all about me." she comprehended.

But that was the least of her problems. She had this reoccurring it was more like a flash back, for this scene actually took place. But in the few hours she was awake she dare not think of such...because she knew that if she fell into the tranquil sleep she would have this vision sink into her head; her dream world, again.

She decided that there was no hope in her going back to sleep to night. She stumbled out of bed and clamored down her wooden stair case. She knew very well that her father wouldn't be home...he was never home. She picked up Les Miserable, remembering that she had to be at least to page 269 by in the morning. She was on page 189. She sat down on the bar stool in the kitchen. The cold wood sent tingles through her derriere. She began to think about her and her past experiences with her teacher, Mrs. Ashcroft. Lindsey knew Mrs. Ashcroft would be at her house in a few hours.

She had began to home school about a month ago...she hated it...she had much rather have been with her peers in her old school. She had pleaded with him, her father, about the subject a ton. But he refused to answer why. The only acceptable answer he ever gave her was, " I'd rather you stay home...I would feel more at ease." was almost like he was shutting her our of the "real" he didn't want her to be faced with any problems. He treated her like she was too callow to make her own decisions. She hated the way he had been babying her the past month or so. If her mnother were still here, alive, she would still be in public schools.


Taylor impationaly tapped his fingers on the cover of his book, The Hobbit. He was so ready to get back home. He wanted to just layaboud basking in the sun's rays. He could feel the lush grass touch him on the exposed areas that his clothes left bare. He ached for it; home; Tulsa. He shut his eyes to reverie for an instant. He fancied the thought of commng home and seeing Lindsey. It had been an eternity since he last talked to her. He felt rather awful about it, though he had been significantly busy.

He could feel the airplane descending towards the runways of the Tulsa airport. He opened his eyes to see Zac questioningly staring at him.

"What?" Taylor asked annoyed.

"Nothing, really, you just had the most comical expression on your face." Zac stated, "I bet you were thinking about Lindsey the way you were simpering."

Taylor rolled his eminent blue eyes. "Zac have you nothing better to do then to pry into other people's daydreams?" inquized Tayor.

Well Taylor if you had seen would have jumped to the same concluison." Isaac included.

Well you guys are really audacious with some of your assumptions."Taylor verbalized

The landing gears striked the run way, and taxied to the appointed terminal. As soon as the seat belt sign clicked off. The Hanson clan made their way through the aiplane and out to the baggage claim. They waited patiently for the carousel to start. As soon as it did they retrevied their luggage and waited for Mr. Hanson to get back from the securtity parking lot with the van.

They jumped in teh can and took off through down town Tulsa. They were all so very tried from the exhausting plane ride. It seemed to take forever for them to get to their secluded house.

They finally arrived at their destination; their home. It looked so barren; so cold and with drawn from not being lived in over a long period of time. Mrs. Diana picked up Mackie, who was in a deep slumber, and carried him up to their, as in Mr. and Mrs. Hanson, bedroom, and layed him down on the solf bed. Zac quickley, or as fast as his lethargic legs would take him, ran up to his and his brothers bed room, threw down his luggage, kicked off his shoes, and layed down on his bed, Taylor and Isaac, on the other hand, took their time in getting up to bed.

Isaac opened the refridgerater and grabbed the milk jug."Taylor, hand me a glass." he spoke.

Taylor got up from his place at the table and walked the short trip to the cabints where the glasses were located. He grabbed tow glasses and set them down in front of his brother. Ike poured the milk in to the glasses.

"Uh...Ike why is it chunky looking?" Tay asked.

"We're so stupid.. why did we even think we could drink milk that had been in the fridge for at least hafa year?" Ike laughed.

"I know..I guess I'm just too groggy to think."

"Yeah I know."

The two boys poured out the spoilt milk and made their way up the stairs to their bedroom. They both layed down and fell into a peaceful sleep.

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