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Crystal Blue Persuasion

Taylor sighed. He looked at Lindsey, and then toward the television. When will this end? It is almost a game now. She would feel lousy for several days in a row, and then feel quite fine the remaining few.

"Have you ever thought of maybe getting out of the house?" Taylor smirked. He didn't exactly know where his new found smart ass self had been hiding. Frustration. That was probably what was behind it.

"I..I...not really." Lindsey murmured not looking up. Not letting down her shield. Knowing that if, indeed, she was to look up. She knew what was awaiting her. The parallels of his blue eyes. The sole contributors to her losing everything she had invested inside her self. Nothing was safe from his blue persuasion.

Taylor breathed in deeply, "There's this party at Jason's tonight...Interested?"

She began to fidget with some lose thread in the blanket that was draped across her legs. Taylor knew the answer. It was the same every time.

"No." Lindsey said simply. The need for details, and explanations were pointless.

"Okay, ..Then come over for dinner tonight."

Lindsey looked up at him. She knew that she should pick her battles, and this one didn't seem so vile as his earlier proposition.

"What time?"

"6ish." He smiled.

He paused, his eyes seemed to lessen their sparkle, "Well I guess I should go now. See you tonight." He said as he walked through the door and into the sunlight.

Lindsey was in a tolerable mood. Therefore, generating a similar mood for Taylor. His feet crunched the grass he walked on. He had worn a path in between the two houses, caused by frequent visits.

He stepped into his house. He his eyes roamed the kitchen. Her back was to him, but she could feel his aura that quickly enveloped the empty space in between them.

"Back so soon. Usually it's much later then this when you grace us with your presence.

"Yeah. Well. There wasn't much to be said over there..I guess." He said as he took a seat at the kitchen table. Mrs. Hanson followed suite.

"Have you ever thought of going out and being a 16-year old for once?" Diana asked her hands clasped together resting on the top of the table.

"No. I like that I don't have to fill the expectations of my friends. It could be so different mom, Just think. Instead of being with Lindsey, I could be getting wasted at some party. Now. Please. Tell me. Which do you prefer? ?" There he went again, the smart ass showed through yet another time today. He was really going to have to learn to tame this nature.

"Taylor Hanson. You know that's not what I mean."

"Then just what do you mean...At least tell me that much. I don't get a lot of explaining anymore. I'm just dying to hear you're reasoning." Taylor, in mock anger, looked up, titled his head as if he were trying to solve the key to the universe. When all he heard was silence from his mother. He spoke again. "That's what I thought." And with that he emerged from the kitchen, only to stomp up the stairs. He figured that was probably the icing on the cake. A cake that had been burnt. He realized now that it was quite silly. And the argument was and did get them nowhere. He looked in through Zac's open door. Zac looked happy, in another world. A world where music was a god. Abiding by every rule as if it was your last walk of life. He knew what it was like. Or how it used to be. He, too, once possessed the power to perfectly lose all awareness to reality in music. It didn't matter what kind of music. It if had a good beat and a few die-hard guitar rifts, it was paradise. Taylor leaned on the door frame watching Zac mouth the words in time with the music, and adding a little movement, subtle as he could possibly make it. Zac suddenly felt a pair of ambulant eyes watching him. He looked at his older brother. Tay had not quite been himself since they had gotten back from New York. He had a gut feeling what, or who, had caused it, but it was all behind them now. There was nothing you could do to stop it.

Zac padded the spot next to him on the floor. Taylor walked over, and sat down.

"Why do you do this to yourself?" Zac asked as he tilted his head to look at Taylor's expression.

"Do what?" Taylor questioned.

"You know everything, and anything concerning her. You try to make her love you, by doing everything for her. You can't make her love you. "

"Ignorance is bliss."

"Oh. So you are confirming my brazen suspicions.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because Taylor, look around you. You hardly ever spend time with anyone besides Lindsey. Now don't get me wrong. Lindsey is awesome and I know that you care a great deal for her. But look what you're doing to your family life. Tearing everyone down, or pushing them away. Mom is even a little hostile around you, I've noticed."

"I've noticed that also. And I don't mean any of it. It's just that if I'm not over at Lindsey's, I'm thinking of Lindsey. And knowing that she's only a few feet away and not with me, hurts even more then you could possible stand."

"Then what are you waiting for? You obviously love her or you wouldn't feel this tormented by not being in her presence."

"No..I don't.... I don't mean to be"

"In Love? You shouldn't be apologetic for being in love." Zac interrupted.

"That's not it at all, and.... I'm waiting...Waiting for the exact moment when I lose my self in her aura. And the only thought that's running through my mind is the way I feel about her and the way she would feel on me.

Every moment marked
With apparitions of your soul.
I'm ever swift and moving,
Try'n to escape this desire.

"Kismet." Zac mouthed dazed.

"Excuse me?"

"Destiny, Fate."

Fate has led you through it
You do what you have to do.

"Zac. Am I this stupid?"

"You want me to be honest?

"To let her get to me like this."
Deep within I'm shaken
By the violence of existing for only you.

"No. I think it's wonderful."


"Because...If everything had an answer then you wouldn't be asking me right now." Zac signed. Out of advice for one day.

"When did you get so smart Zac....Did the intelligent genes just seem to skip my DNA strands or something?" Taylor looked over at Zac, who was smiling back at him.

"Yeah. Hey but you have other qualities. So what if you suck at Love. And don't have a clue as to what women want." Zac shrugged.

"How do you know I don't know what a woman wants?"

"Tay. Let's face it. I've seen you around girls. And let's just hope that this thing with Lindsey works. Because I think, she's the only one with patience enough...Now as for me. I'm a real go getter. If ya know what I mean." Zac laughed.

"Thanks for your support, man. It really means a lot to me." Taylor sarcasted.


Lindsey fell back listlessly onto the couch. Taylor's words running though her mind. Have you ever thought about getting out of the house? She felts as if she had stumbled into a private sector, to a point of no return nonexistence. Sometimes she wondered if she was actually there in human flesh, or if she was just floating endlessly around, in and out of moments. She knew that without support like Taylor she would have been thrown out long ago.


The Hanson family sat around their big dinner table. Taylor looked around at the faces of his family. Not quite wanting to meet their eyes. His eyes wandered over the dishes sat out in front of everyone, untouched. He felt a ping of guilt rinse over him. He knew, unquestionably, that he was the cause of the this pure toucher.

Taylor looked up from his fixed stare, "Maybe I should go see what is keeping Lindsey."

"Yes. Maybe you should." His mother said spitefully.

He was taken back by the tone of his mother's voice. He was not the only one. He thought for a few seconds, not knowing what had stimulated this kind of bitterness towards him. He though back to what Zac had said. It all became rather clear to him, now.

He stood up." no way should Lindsey pose a threat to you." And with that he turned and left, toward Lindsey's house.

Diana looked at Walker for some sort of reassurance. She had become the evil witch. This was out of character for her.

"You shouldn't let Lindsey get to you like you do...She more then likely doesn't mean to upset you. And I know Taylor would never intentionally hurt you."

"Do you think it's healthy for him to be"

"Close to her?"

"Exactly...We never have our heart to hearts anymore like we used to."

"He's growing up, Diana. You can't stop that."

"I don't know why I resent Lindsey...I know she has never done any of us wrong. It's just...I don't know."

"You feel she had taken Taylor away from you. When in truth she hasn't, you've driven him away."

She looked over at Walker. "I've driven him away?...Would you care to change you're choice of words?" She stood up and walked over to the door. "I don't think it takes this long to go check in on someone." and with that last remark, she swung open the door and stormed over to Lindsey house. Sometimes it seemed as though the quickest like thing would set her off on one of her rampages. More now so then ever. She felt that she need to prove to herself that she was not driving Taylor away. That it was Lindsey's fault. She had made her mind up. It would take some phenomenon to change it. As she walked the worn path that was conceived by Taylor, she looked up into the sun set. A cool breeze rustled the leaves that remained on the thickening branched. She stepped up to the door. A multitudes of emotions welled up inside of her. The equivalent of being scared. Of loss. Of loneliness. Of love. She turned the door knob going against all of her private policy. She quietly walked into the semi darkened foyer. She stood here. She could her Taylor's faint voice whisper out over the sublime silence. She watched on with awe. Was it only yesterday that girls had cutties?


Taylor looked a Lindsey. A sleep. Something that had been so distant in the past few days. He knelt down next to the couch where his sleeping beauty was being kept in the arms of Morpheus. He gently touched his finger to her face. Remembering never have experiencing a touch as this one. Never feeling this way. Never wanting to be this way. But yet he always new this was the way he would live. If not this, then why live at all. Experiencing this and then having it all being shattered and out of reach seems worthless. Her touch, her skin...It was what he breathed for. It was his oxygen. On that thought her eyes fluttered open. She tried to sit up, trying to bring her self back into reality. But failed miserably due to some calm coaxing by Taylor. She laid back down. He hand never leaving her skin.

"I'm sorry. I must have lost track of time." Lindsey offered an excuse.

"It's okay. I would have you rather to sleep...then be awake tonight." his voice never surpassing a whisper. "Close your eyes." he said as his finger tips persuaded her heavy eyelids. "You're lying on your back. A green grass surrounds you. The sun shines on you forcing..."

"Taylor." she interjected.


"Can it be night time?"

"I don't see why is your dream scape." he paused momentarily and then continued., "The star's are just begging to poke out from the dark velvet sky. Casting deep purple hues..You can feel the warm breeze as it brushes against you and then furthers it path through the trees. The breeze carried the soft sent of the newly born honeysuckle and the wavering sound of the crickets with their finely tuned stringed section of the mother nature's orchestra."

"Taylor. Which star do you want?"

"Lindsey. They are all yours."

Mrs. Hanson looked at Taylor. She looked at his expressions. His eyes. She could see the love light begin to shine through the specks of blue. Creating a hypnotic type sparkle. A sparkle that only the few forename people who had been poisoned by love would truly understand. She continued to watch as he continue. The way he brushed the few stray hairs away from her eyes. The way he touched her. She had known it all along. She had just blinded herself in to thinking, hoping it untrue. She was not ready to lose her baby. But he was already lost.

You're building a private Heaven,
You're reaching out so far,
When you reach your goal,
With joys untold,
At least,
Save me a star.

He had his whole world at his fingertips. He had the sun and the moon, his eyes, he had stars, her's, he had his music, the two hearts beating in partnerships with one another's; he had his love. Love maybe the key to the universe. But why unlock the universe when you have your own galaxy.

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