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Mr. Postman

Lindsey was up at the break of dawn, as usual. It was Saturday, so she didn't have to deal with Mrs. Ashcroft. Lindsey walked sluggishly to the refrigerator and opened the door to it. The fridge light ws radiant, she closed her eyes due to it's brillinace. Lindsey immediately closed the door to the fridge. She rather enjoyed wallowing in the darkness that consumed her house. The only itme she really ever turned on lights was at night when she was reading, she perfered the natural sunlight. She opened the cabinet doorpulling out a poptart and devouring it cold. She ran up the old stairs and entered her room. She walked over ot her dresser drawer and picked up the envelope. Today was the day of the concert. She really wasn't sure if she wanted to go. She wasn't even sure what she would say to him; Taylor. She didn't exactly mean to shut the door in his face, it was kind of an impulse, she really couldn't explain it. Half of her wanted ot tell him she was sorry and that she didn't want to fight either, but the other half hated him. She dind't really know why, she just felt some kind of bittereness for him.

Lindsey stretched out, under her soft sheets and grabbed the book she had been reading, The Hobbit . She had discovered a passion for reading, she found that she could spend the whole day abosrbed in teh fantasy. Fiction, fiction was all she could stand. Lindsey didn't care too muach for nonfictional books, they all seemed so drab. Lindsey's life was a little to nonfictional. She would love for some "prince" to come and sweep her off her feet, or a "fairy god mother" come and end her sadness.


"Taylor get your lazy butt out of bed...we leave in exactly 30 minutes and if you're not're not coming!" yealled Ike from down stairs.

"God, some people are just so damn bossy" Taylor said under his breath. He got out of bed and clumsly walked to the bathrrom. He got into the shower and ran the water over his cold body. He lathered the shampp in his hair, and rinsed it out letting the suds run down his back and swirl into the drain. After he had cleaned himself he stepped out onto the shaggy rug and dried off, then clothing himself. He threw on some shoes and ran down the stairs, more carefully this time.

"Glad you could join us." Mrs. Hanson stated lookin oover at Taylor.

"The pleasure is all mine." he said smiling. The Hanson clan jumped in the van, and zoomed down the road to the amipheather. They met up with sercurtiy and staff, directing them where they needed to set up the instruments. Ike, Tay and Zac went and cound the dressing rooms putting on the finishing touches to their apparel.


Lindsey put down her boo, which she had finished, and looked over to her badside clock.

"5:15.."She groaned. She quickly decided that she would go, she couldn't keep hiding from this dilemma. She walked over to her shower and got in. It only took her 10 minutes to wash her hair and clean her body. She got out of the shower and blew dry her hair, then styling it the way she usually didn. She threw on her navy shirt wiht red gaps letters across the chest, an dslipped on her boot cut heans finishing it off with her brown docs. She looked at her watch, 6:45. She grabbed her keys and jumped inot her '98 red Corvette. She slowly puylled out makin her way to the arena. She parked in the crowed parking lots, knowing she was a few minutes late. She walked up to the ticket person and handed him her ticket, which he in turn tore. She stood outside the entrance to the seating sections and heard thed deafening screams. Lindsey made her way to her seat feeling rather uncomfortable in this atmosphere. The noise only got worse as the evening progressed. She just couldn't understand why anybody would be crazy over these three boys who tourchered her almost every day of her life with bugs and mud and everything that could move or was repugnant.

Taylor looke out inot the audience trying to find Lindsey but becaused of the bright lights he was incapable of doing so. Deep inside of him he felt like she wouldn't show but he pushed these thought to the back of his brain, he dared not think of such. He turned his head to Isaac giving him a look as to say "are you ready to exit the stage so the backdrop can be changed". Taylors eyes contained so much unbearable feeling, Ike couldn't stand to look directly into them. He knew that Taylor couldn't find her in the sea of fan s. He too had been scanning the crowd for Lindsey. The three brothers exited the stage and let the staff change the setting.

"Taylor,"Ike said behind the black curain,"if she doesn't show it's not going to be the end of the world."

"How can you say that I mean Ike don't you care are you just so heartless, you know it would be the end if she didn't and don't even try to deny it" Taylor scoled.

"You are being so immature, you know better then that, you know damn well that she's only one girl out of the 3.4 billion or so freaking girls out there."

"She's my best friend, Ike I don't need anybody else!" he yelled

They plastered smiles and took their positions on the stage. you could tell there was a flaw in teh performance from hence on, you could cut the tension with a knife between the two; Isaac and Taylor.


Soon the performace was over and the crowd of females dissipated. Lindsey waited until the crowd of girls in front of her had somewhat lessened. She slowly made her way to the backstage entrance. She showed the security guard her pass and he led her to the place where the confrontations were being made. Lindsey stood behind the group, awaiting her turn to face Taylor. The mob was decreasing as each of the girls not wanting to leave but having being made to. Taylor could care less at this point. He barely even looked the fan in the face. He just shook their hands and then on to the next. Lindsey slid her hand into his. It fit perfectly inot his.

Taylor looked up, "Lindsey" he breathed, she some what smiled. Her luscious hair fell beyond her shoulders, her alluring green eyes reflected sadness. She had changed, while he was away. She had developed a desirable charisma about her.

"Oh no it's Lindsey," Ike said out of disgust which soon shifted to laughter.

"Yeah..well..okay, we got to talk," Tay said turning to Lindsey. He grabbed her hand jolting her to an empty room He sat her down on the chair in front of him.

"I'm sorry,"he repented.

"No, shouldn't have to apologized for me...I'm sorry for being stupid,"Lindsey quietly spoke.

Taylor smiled, she was slowly returning.

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