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Broken Promises

"Everything is quiet since you're not around, And I live in the numbness now, in the background....." Stephan Jenkins's voice rang out through the walls in Lindsey's house. She silently walked into the bathroom and pulled out the basket with the Darphin products. She began her nightly regimen, applying the milky face wash. After she had finished washing her face and applying everything else, she began to brush the tangles out of her hair. She loved the feeling of the bristles as they ran through her ailky hair. She steeped out of the bathroom. Lindsey slowly walked down the hall way. The hard wook floor under her feet was numbing. The wood looked as if it hadn't been there too long, not a scratch. Lindsey's mother took pride in the floor, she would say that the things in you house reflect who you are, and the floors were exactly how Lindsey thought of her mother; flawless. She entered her bed room and slid under the coners. She was about to drift off to sleep, but suddenly the phone rang, and since her being the only person in the house she was obligated to answer it.

She picked up the receiver, "Hello"

"Hey Lindsey," a male voice spoke over the phone.

"Dad?" she questioned.

"Yeah..about the plans for this weekend," he began.

"Here he goes again, why does he do this to me? He can never keep anything" she thought disgustedly.

"Well something came up and I won't be able to make it to Tulsa,"

"Again," she said fridgetly.

"I'll make it up to ya. Promise." he deplored

"Yeah...just like all those other promises," she yelled slaming the phone back in it's cradle. She thrw on her balck and red plaid pajama pants, running out the back door. She struggled with the fence but eventually got it open. She ran through the trees to a small pond behind her house. Lindsey walked carefully on the samll rancid dock that jetted out into the shallow water a couple of feet. Lindsey came here often to remorse. She hated people being agitated with her, she just couldn't stand it. But then there are some people like her dad, who can't help but make her feel guilty. She knew deep down that it wasn't her fault he never came to Tulsa, but sometimes she felt like it was. Like nothing she ever did was more important than his job. He had always omitted Lindsey from everything he did. He didn't come to any school functions or birthdays or aything. She sat down on the dock, lowering her head into her hands.

She began to repent,"Lord, why does everything in my life have to end up like this, me siting here crying my eyes out on this stupid dock on this stupid pong. I mean if you look at it what has gone right in the last couple of months? I'm sorry for what ever I did just please make it go away." she mumbled.


Taylor woke up, he heard something rattling out side. He looked out the window from the position in his bed. He saw Lindsey opening the fence and running into the line of trees behind their house. He looked at the clock, 11:45, he was rathr confused. What could be in the woods this late at night? He jumped to all to many conclusions of the bad sort, always thinking what bad things could happen; pessimistic. He threw on a sweatshirt and pants quietly, so not to wake his brothers. He silently bounded down the stairs and out the backdoor. He ran into the flock of trees, his feet remembering the worn path. As he neared the dock he cut his running pace down to a walk. He stepped on to the wooden planks, which caused a creaky sound. Lindsey turned to face the trespasser. Her face lighting up a little as she saw hime walking closer to her. Taylor sat down next to her on the dock. He just sat there not saying a word, looking off into the distance. He knew that she would tell him when she wanted to, he wasn't going to push her.

"My dad called today." she stated looking up at the full moon.

"What did he have to say?"

"Just making promises he knows he's gonna break."

"Oh so nothing new," he smiled

"Yeah..tell me about it," Lindsey laughed.

"Surely that is not the only reason why you're out here?" Taylor asked, staring down into the murky water.

"Not even close, it was just the one thing that pushed me over the limit...I mean like I can't sleep at nights..I have isolated myself from everybody..I don't go anywhere hardly..I quite's like my own little hell."

"You know what?.."Taylor said as he slipped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

She looked up at him.

"...Life may bring a lot of difficult stuff, that you might not like too much, but all the good things fill up the gap, and in turn all the bacd things make you a stronger person, and closer to some," he said lowering his voice to a whisper, as he looked down at Lindsey, who had fallen asleep. He smiled, "Every time i say something with some kind of moral to it, nobody ever hears it, "he laughed quietly to hmself. He looked down at her brushing away a few stray tresses. She was wonderful. The moon light bounced off her rosey cheeks. She began to stir, and then was awake.

"I was thinking" Taylor began, "Maybe you could go to New York this weekend instead of your dad coming to Tulsa."

She looked up, her wild eyes moving rapidly, "That could work."

"Yeah and I think we have to be in New York Sunday afternoon, like Monday we could give you a tour of the Red Apple before we leave that Monday night."

"Short trip?"

"Yeah, your dad still cheif meteorologist for Good Morning America?"

"Yeah..I thin he will stay with that job forever."

"Well all we have to do is a little interview and a song for Good Morning America to promote out new album."

"Sounds like a plan..i'm gonna go cuz it's terribly fridgid out here." Lindsey said getting up and leaving Taylor on the dock.

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