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Lindsey leaned her forehead on the window pane. She looked nonchalantly at the clounds passing by.

"Excuse me Miss, but would you care for something ot drink?" asked the flight attendant.

"Yeah, a Dr. Pepper please."

The stuordist handed her a miniature bag of pretzels and a synthetic cup only filled half way with the fluid. Lindsey accepted the container, thanking the stuordist for it. Lindsey, then, slipped on her head phones back over her ears drowning out any noise besides the music. She pushed the track button on her Sony to track 7 and let the composer's voice spill out into her tympanum.

It's all in your mind. She said the darkness and the light.
The clock, it bleeds for you.
But you never got the time in right.
I woke you up and slit the throat of your confidence.."


"Please put your chair in the up right position, when the captain turns off the safely belt sign, you may move freely around in the cabin, remember to use caution when getting items out of the overhead compartments becuase items may have shifted during take off or landing. Thank you for traveling American Airlines." The plane taxied to the correct gate and unloaded. Lindsey walked throught the terminal connecting the plane to Lagurida airpot in New York. Lindsey got her couple of pieces of luggage from the carousel and then waited at the transit bus stop to make her way into the city. From the bus stop she hailed a taxi which took her to 57 East 57 Street. She paid the cabdriver and continued up through the doors to the front desk.

"Welcome to the Four Seasons Hotel, I'm Anita, how may I help you miss?" asked the lady behind the desk.

"Yes I need to check in, my name is Lindsey Thatcher."

The lady began to type in the information and in no time had displayed the key and room number to Lindsey.

"Can you give this key to a guy named Taylor Hanson, he should be arriving late Sunday."

Lindsey made her way to the elevator and up to her suite. She shoved her suite cases in the back of the closet and called a cab.


The yellow taxi pulled up next to the curb, which Linds uneasily stepped out on. She looked up at the enormous building that lay in front of her. She walked up the stairs, the door many opened the door and she proceeded into the foyer. She went to the 4th floor and knocked on the door. Lindsey felt astonishingly scared. A young lady anwered the door in a white terry-cloth robe. Lindsey was confused, she was sure she had the right room number.

"Um, Hi do you know a Mitch Thatcher?" asked Lindsey nervously.

The lady laughed, "Yeah I do, and may I ask who u are?"

"Well..I'm his daughter." Lindsey replied. The woman looked at her confusedly.

"Mitch...This girl claims to be your daughter!" she giggled.

Mitch walked out in the same attire as the woman.

"Daddy? Lindsey asked as her eyes began to swell with tears.

"Lindsey...this is not what it seems," he said trying to explain the circumstance.

Lindsey looked up at him. Pain quenched her soul. She ran down the hall; hot tears that fell abundantly from her eyes, melted the background. She ran by the on-lookers, no one seemed to care. Everything she had was now spiraling down into the depths of emptiness. She ran down the side walke not exactly knowing where she was going. She was just running, running from everything she had ever known.


The milky duck settled over the city. She slowed down her pace to a slow stroll. She hailed a taxi and drove back to the hotel. She wearly walked up the steps and through the glass doors. She slowly took the elevator up to her floor and opened the heavy door. She picked up the sterling silver picture frame which held a picture of her mother. The tears fell swiftly again. She sat at the oak desk folding her arms and laying her forehead on top of them. The wood soaking up the liquid emotions that fell.


Taylor looked out over the drab sky from his window seat, "Lindsey is going to be stunned when we show up a day early."

Isaac nodded his head, he didn't comprehend a word Taylor siad, but he entirely didn't care, it was too late to think, his mind was way pass the shut down zone.

The flight seemed remarkably short and they were in the city in no time. They hurried over to the Four Seasons. Walker meandered over to the cherry-stained oak desk, "Um Hi I called this moring saying th my family and I would be coming in a day early."

"Name please." Micheal, the man behind the desk stated.

"Hanson, Walker Hanson."

"Oh yes here we go, "he replied pulling up the inforemation on the computer screen,"Also are you in any sense related to a Taylor Hanson?"

"Yes he's my son."

Michael handed him the key,"This was left by request to give to Taylor Hanson from a Lindsey Thatcher."

Walker smiled, Thanks you", he said taking the keys to his room and Lindsey's. Walker left the table and sautered over to the rest of the family. He passed out the keys to the rooms and then they hiked up to the designated suits.

Walker pulled Taylor off to the side, "Lindsey left you this. It's a key to her room. Now I don't know what's going on between the 2 of you but...."

"Dad" Taylor interrupted "Me and her aren't like that we're just good friends."


Taylor scouted the hallways for her room. He found the number and knocked on it. Lindsey looked up from her position, "Go away" she shouted, the tone of her voice, inflicted with despair. Taylor slid the card into the box lock. He opened the door and proceeded into the room.

He knelt down by Lindsey, "What's wrong?" he questioned.


"Don't give me that crap, Lindsey tell me what's wrong!" he said rasisng his voice, "Lindsey the only way I can help is if you tell me what the hill is wrong."

"I don't need your help or anybody elses!" she said standing up

Taylor jumped to his feet,"It's your dad isn't it."

"Maybe" she yelled as she stumbled into the bathroom locking her self in the isolated room.

She sat on the cold toilet. The teardrops splashing on the numbing tile. She stood up and fumbled through her cosmetic bag. Her numb fingers lightly grazing over objects. She felt the cold metallic object and her fingers over the edge. She had found what she wanted. This would end all the misery that had been weighing her down the pass month or two. Lindsey pulled out the razor blade, she walked out of the bathroom and sat on the cushy bed. She gently brought the blade up, the street light shown from the window recoshaded off the metal. She breathed in the weet air and slid the edge of the blade across her right wrist and then her left. The blood seeped out of the cut. Linds began to feel light headed and layed down on the bed. Her eyes shut and her irises rotated to the back of her head.


Taylor fumed out of Lindey's room slamming the door behindhim. He was so frenzied at God only knows who, he didn't know if he was mad at Lindsey or mad at Mitch or himself. He walked out the building and hailed a taxi. He reached the penthouse complex where Mitch lived. He stepped out and rushed up to Mitch's door. He knocked a couple of times before the door was opened.

Mitch appeared at the opened door," Hey son, don't you think it's a little late to be out?"

"Don't call me son." Taylor raged.

"Whoa there I don't know who u are so don't get a temper with me."

Oh I think u do know me."

Mitch looked at him blankly.

"I'm Taylor, ya know the blonde boy from across the side yard, also known as Lindsey's bestfriend, and I don't know what the hell u did to her but I know that u hurt her and I don't see how u can live not giving a damn about her."

"She wouldn't get mad over something so petty like me wanting to get on with my life, by finding someone knew?"

"You obviously don't know her...and u will never know weren't there everytime she broke down in tears, or when u would call and say u can't make it to Tulsa, again and..." Taylor thundered.

Mitch walked over to the phone and called security.

"You know I care about as much as u do about your dughter if u call the police... I simply..." Taylor trailed.

The sercuity officer stepped in the room, handcuffed Taylor and began to read his rights.

"You have the right to remain silent anything you say or do can and will be held againsht you in a court of law......."

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