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Sounds of Silence

Taylor leaned his weary head against the unpleasant seat of the police car. The lamp post's obnoxious glare sent its light streaming in though the window of the moving sedan. All of this was giving him a migrain. He didn't even want to begin to think what his dad would say or do. The car abruptly stopped in front of the PD. He staggered up the cement steps and through the heavy doors. The force of the abusive smell consisting of cheap cigarette smoke pried it-self into his nose. They allowed him his 1 short phone call. He nervously dialed the hotel number and then his parents' room number extention.

"Hey dad?" He said insecurely.

"Taylor?" Mr. Hanson said, his voice tinged with anger from losing his cherished sleep.

"Yep it's me your favorite son Taylor," He laughed

"What did you do this time?" Walker asked fully aware of Taylors 'sucking up'.

"Oh nothing really, just got arrested that's all" a fake laugh escaped from his salty lips.

"You what?!....I'll be there in a few minutes....NYPD right?"

"Yeah" he said lowering his shameful voice.


Walker willingly paid the bail.The officer realsed Taylor out of the holding cell. Walker and Taylor stiffly walked out of the PD. Walker layed a heavy hand on Taylors shoulders.

"What we're you thinking!" walker excalimed. The tention between them lay thick, dipping with hostility.

"Nothing just wouldn't understand." he said brushing past him to where the taxi waited patenitly for them.

"Try me." Walker said following his son's actions, by stepping into the taxi. The ride back to the hotel was perfectly silent.


Walker stormed into their chambers. He flipped on the imprudent light. Taylor followed, he felt terrible, when he did what he did he was thinking only out of anger. He didn't think of the consquences. Mrs. Hanson sat up in the bed, focusing her eyes in the fresh light.. Taylor took a seat on the end of his mother's bed. She was better at controlling her anger then his dad. Diana placed her hand on taylor's back. Her hand reminded Taylor all too much of Lindsey's, the slinder fingers, the tiny wrist: delicate hand.

"What's wrong, honey." she inquired.

All that came to his shot mind was Lindsey. Had he really done this for Lindsey or was this just to relive built up anger. No. Surely not. He had to have done this for Lindsey. There was nothing in his path that had brought angish apoun him.

"Lindsey." he finally answered.

"What does..." His dad began.

"Becuase her dad is a heartless, worthless bast..." a rush of words followed coherently out from his mouth

"Don't say it Tay." his mom warned removing her hand. Diana looked at the bedside clock, flashing it's green digits. 2:18. She then turned her focus over to walker giving him a 'let's just worry about this later' look, which he comphrended quite easily.

"Taylor...Well finish this discussion later when he have had time to be fully awake and have clamed down...But mark my words it will be hell." walker's voice warned.

"Walker!...How am I supouse to keep my sons from....."

Taylor slammed the door.

He couldn't take any more words. Words. That's all they were to him, It wasn't punishment. He wouldn't feel penalized. He treked over to his confined room. The heavy door, a replica of the door he had slammed at Lindsey. It was in rage. He never meant to hurt her. He walked down the hall towards the detested door. He was forced to stop. He leaned up aganist the wall. Tilting his head back, he closed his heavy eyelids. All the energy seemed to be draining from his veins.

He knocked, 1...2...3.."Lindsey" his voice cutting throught the thick door. Nothing. But my words like silent rain drops fell The silcent grew stronger, more effeicent. He pushed his hands deep in his never-ending prockets, fumbling for the plastic card. His hand sufaced with the key; sliding it through the lock. The door creaked opened. He stepped in to the darkness. Hello darkenss my old friend, I've come to talk with you again

"Lindsey," he spoke quietly as he leisurely glanced into the shadowy bathroom, once occupied with her warm presence. He stepped slowly as he came closer to the bed. The only sound, in addition to the rythm of his heart beat, was that of his heavy feet. Deep stillness .It began to eat at him. Silence like a cancer grows First his mind, deteroiating it. He passed the mirrored closet, refecting his image. He stopped infront of the glass. He began to morph in to his own illusion. His eyes moving hastly focusing and then losing all sense. The dryness began to overwhelm his eyes causing him to blink serval times; rapidly. Shaking the delusion from his memory. He loomed closer to the bed where Lindsey was. A rush of frustration; emptiness; lack of believing surging though his veins.. A cold sweat began to form on his forehead. He knelt down at the edge of the bed, he brushed a strand of hair from her face. He felt vacant and alone. There was so much he need to say, but now the darkness had taken his best friend; his sercet passion, only known by him. He looked at the clock/radio. The blurred numbers, sending out musical chords. Familar chords. Angel. The introduction played on.

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance,
for a break that would make it okay.
There's always some reason to feel not good enough,
and it's hard at the end of the day.
I need some distraction oh beautiful release.
Memory seep from my veins.
Let me be empty oh and weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonite.
in the arms of the angel.
Fly away from here,
From this dark, cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fear.

Taylor looked at Lindsey, her pail lips and skin; her crimison wrist which contained incisioned veins, ones that use to flood blood endlessly through out her body. There were so many words that had been left unsaid that longed to be heard. Time. Time was definitly not on his side. Hot tears strolled down his check splashing on her face. He touched his lips aganist hers. Immaculate. This filled the somewhat seemingly emptiness that had slipped in to his conscience and his soul. He pulled his lips from hers. His face still inches, hovering above hers. He felt a dash of hot breath on his face. He grabbed a glass from the table, and held it up infront of her mouth. Her breath hazed the cylindrical glass. His fingers stumbled for the phone, dialing the emergncy number. Taylor grabbed the white sheet and began appling pressure aganist her wrist, hoping that maybe he could stop the bleeding momentarlity. His tears replaced with sweat, rolled friecly down his face.

"Oh God please don't take her...not yet..." It pained him, as the words ran rapidly from his mouth. He felt a deep shattering, he had never felt this lousy, as if his soul was withering away to nothingness.

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