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Rainy Day Mondays

Taylor tapped his fingers against the looking glass. He let out a loud sigh, and turned around facing the empty room of chairs. His charismatic blue eyes, clouded with oppression, were enveloped with dark circles. He looked at his watch involuntary. He had been confined to this house of human suffrage until nearly every drip of his sanity had stained it's fabric. 36 hours. The calender had drifted to Monday.

He set down in one of the cold plastic chairs. He heard the rain patterning down in rythmatic sheets outside the achromatic walls. If not the quietness of the hospital, the incessive patterning of rain would take your soundness of mind away.

Isaac silently walked up to him. The shuffle of feet near did not even conceive a flinch. He sat next to his younger brother knowing not what to say or how to act. He sat patiently, unlike Taylor, he thrived on the silence. The hotel room knew not what silence meant. The room contained a flutter of worries, smothering him.

"So how is she?" Isaac's words where warm, but not comforting.

Taylor shrugged with a lack of knowledge.

"They had to call her dad....for him to sign the papers. I tried to st...." Taylor began to confess.

"Taylor, you can't make everything okay. You can't control the matter of Life and Death. No matter what you try to do or what you will say, and you can't keep a parent from their child."

"Isaac, I can try and I can hope and I can pray. I know I can not stop death, but I can sure try and put it off. At least I have somebody, one person that I focus on, Mr. I have a knew flavor every month.." Taylor said, forcing his words on to Isaac.

"She's not yours Taylor...That's your problem. Taylor She's NOT yours....So you don't have anybody..Taylor...your ALONE. Alone. How does that sound?." Isaac stood up with a authority. "Listen, I don't want to fight with you I know you are hurt, and all screwed up and stuff.. And I'm sorry that I can not help you. "Isaac said softer, knowing that he was fighting a battle with love against him.

"I don't need to hear you say you're sorry. It wasn't you're fault."

"Did you just hear yourself? It's not your fault either Tay. It's nobody's fault." Isaac said sympathetically.

"Yeah..if it wasn't and if what you say is true. then it shouldn't hurt and shouldn't carry feelings of immense guilt."

"Taylor you only feel that way b/c you have told yourself to feel that way.. Lighten up. I'm sure she's going to be just fine." Isaac said.

"You would like to think that everybody is happy and alright in their present condition, and that everything always turns out right, optimistic , I guess would be the word I need to label you."

"I wish I was more like you." Taylor spoke, his voice hushed, "I mean you appear so care free, I seem to have taken a sufficient amount of problems for you and I both."

"You don't want to be like me, I wish I had your ability to be...I don't know how to accurately describe what you have that I want, it's like you have a deep abyss that is filled to the brim with a chaste flame. "

"Ike,..a chaste flame?....Daniel Steal, again? I thought Mom burned your collection."

"That was a very disturbing time for me..But if Daniel has taught me well, I do think that you want Lindsey to swim in your abyss."

"She'll burn." Taylor smiled up at Ike, "Hypothetically speaking of course...but I guess Daniel has taught you fair, you seemed to be a learned man now, she has done wonders."


The elevator doors parted, Walker and Zac stepped out. Mitch followed. Taylor looked up from his location, acknowledging their presence for a brief moment, then returning his affixed stare to the worn tile that was planted beneath his feet. Walker strolled over to Taylor, taking a seat next to him. Zac did the same. Mitch stood in the corner, awkwardly, staying as far away as he could from the rest of them. A door opened, the sound willed itself into the ears of the small group that had formed in the waiting room. Dr. Porter, a man of good medicine stepped out, holding close to him a metal chart. Lindsey's, one can assume.

The man approached Walker, "The father?" the doctor asked.

"No" Walker stated as he looked in the direction of Mitch, who was now making his way over to the doctor.

Porter turned and began to speak to Mitch:

"Lindsey is rather stable at her present condition. Although I have faltered to bring this up for an extensive amount of time, But I have come to a conclusion that she may very well need a rather large amount of blood. An since the lack of donors, we have very little of her blood type, O. One of the reasons I have prolonged this information is because it is sometimes likely that a family member has the same type, Mr. Thatcher."

"I'm sorry, but I am not a good candidate for donating blood, I have a phonia of needles." Mitch sophistically said and then walked out.

The doctor turned and face the remaining few, only to see three shocked faces and one 'I told ya so'.

Dr. Porter turned around, angled towards Lindsey's room.

"Wait. Dr.Porter, you did not ask me." Taylor spoke.

"There is nothing to ask you, you are but of simple youth."

"Dr. Porter, you who would put law before life, are only making the time worse. You say I am but a simple youth, I am 16, I brought this matter upon myself, and you wish to denie me,"Taylor convicted, "I am O"

"Follow me" Dr. Porter said, "we must run test to make sure your blood does not have any impurities."


Later that day, as the church bell rang, 5 o'clock it told. The blood transfusion, with the grace of God, had been successful. Taylor was now sleeping soundly on a hospital bed. It would at least take 52 days for his body to replenish all the blood he had given.

Dr. Porter sauntered over to Walker, "Taylor and Lindsey, both, are doing just fine. I sense that you and your family will be the ones taking care of Lindsey, since her father denied her life, so to speak."

"Yes. I do suppose Taylor would make us, even though we love her as well. Her mother died, and she brought blame upon herself, I think. We've known her family for years and it would be the only honorable thing to do."

"Okay, I have decided that she needs medication to get through this crisis. I have chosen Prozac. Here is a list of the side effects and here is the prescription. It is the smallest amount I could possibly give her. She needs to take one of these capsules, after two weeks, get in touch with me. Also, she will be free to go tomorrow, and Taylor can leave just as soon as he feels up to snuff."

Walker looked at the long list of precautaries and what-nots,"Tayor's new chore list" walker laughed to himself.

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