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...geez...a whole page on me...i'm gushing!

name: Sara
location: Somewhere in the Middle of the great US of A!
Birthday: October 15, 1984
Zodiac: Libra (although, I don't take it seriousely!)
Occupation: Hight School Student

Last Book I read: The Fundamentals of Feng Shui By Lillian Too *Note* I don't actually believe in the sciences of Feng Shui, but I find it rather interesting.
Books I Recommend: Catcher in the Rye, Jane Eyre, Utopia, 1984.
Last CD I listend to:A Decade of Steely DanBy Steely Dan
CDs I Recommend: Celebrity SkinHole, of course ne thing Hanson, The better Life3 Doors Down,Mad Season Matchbox20, Blue,&Third Eye BlindThird Eye Blind,EverClear, And of Course...I was brought up on the just about anything from the 50's to 79...the 80's give me the shivers! well...except for a few Guns 'n' Roses songs...Welcome to the

Things I like...
1. Going to Church
2. Mountain Dew
3. Classical Piano
4. Basketball
5. Cowboy Hats
6. Photography
7. the Internet
8. reading the dictionary (don't is fun!)
9. Candles, the Moon, and the Stars
10. Joni Mitchell (the singer)

1. Closed Mindedness 2. Diet ANYTHING! 3. Early morning risings 4. People who do not apply themselves 5. People who are self centered 6. Ironing 7. Rap Music (although I like eminem, limp bizkit, etc..) 8. Cold Showers 9. Suffocatingly Hot Days 10. Teenie Boppers...I can't help it...totally ruins the "whole" experience for me.