July 7, 2002
Hey guys, sorry for the rather long delay. I just hadn't felt up to writing much and I was just over come with it last night. Works in weird and wonderful ways, eh? It is just that, I believe I have lost myself, not in what it used to be but something totally different now. and it is sometimes hard for me to find that old self. I dunno. But I have updated OTM, chapter 4 is now up. It is not an extremely long chapter of sorts, but it is a chapter.

November 25, 2001
I am terribly sorry that i have let a great deal of time elapse since I have last updated. I am working on Chapter 4 of OTM, I just have been very busy as of late with school, and basketball, and every other kind of worry or stress there seems to be! I hope you guys are liking OTM, not many people tell me their thoughts on any of my stories, actually, and so I just never know. I would really appreaciate it though, if you would drop a line.

July 1, 2001
"It's been a while..." :)Break The Cycle(Staind) is a killer cd, guys, totally recommend it! But anyways, more of what you care about: Chapter 3 is up of An Ode To Maybe. It would have been up sooner but I was kind of on vacation in Europe for 2 weeks...so...but it's up now :)

Apirl 30, 2001
Well. I bring good news! I have added Chapter 2 of "An Ode To Maybe", and added the first Episode to "Antifreeze". I hope you enjoy both chapters, and if you would like to tell rainey or I just exactly what's on your mind by all means drop us a line!

April 10, 2001
I am very sorry that I haven't updated in forever! I have been so very busy with up to 2 track meets a week, studying for the ACT, and playing Basketball (still). i have been working on chapter 2 of "An Ode To Maybe" and it's turning out pretty good! Also, Rainey is putting the finishing touches on "Antifreeze" (which I have heard it's pretty good!) And one *last* thing before I go...I would just like to mention that it has been 7 long years since the death of Kurt Cobain from Nirvana, and I would just like to take a pause in remembrance of his wonderful talent! (you probably think I'm insane now, oh well!)

March 4, 2001
Well...I didn't make it through the prevotes...but that's okay...I'm just glad that people just enjoy my page enough to even think to nominate me...Well..oh a happy :) note...I am in the process of writing a very long, and hopefully very good Second Chapter to "An Ode To Maybe"...I would really like to know what you guys think of this story, or really ne thing on this page!

February 14, 2001
I have been nominated at the Litte Pretty Awards for "most creative name", there are so many nominations for it, they have to pre-vote...so if u feel in the mood to vote for me...by all means..go ahead..the link is on the index page...knock yourself out! Also. I'm in the process of writing chapter2 of OTM, it's turning out pretty good, so far...it should be finished soon! And one last thing....if you would like for me to host one of your stories..email me and will work out the details!

December 31, 2000
I have added a new layout...exciting huh? Change is sometimes a good thing...although it's not very lavish...it's simply and well...I dunno...it's just different.

December 27, 2000
I have added the first chapter to "An Ode To Maybe"...I'm really excited about this story, and I hope you guys are too! Drop me a line if you feel the need!

December 19, 2000
If you have noticed I have added links to "An Ode To Maybe"(sequel to LGW) and a *new* hosted story "Antifreeze"...There's not much to see yet if you vist the links, but just the thought is exciting, huh?! Expect the first installmet of "An Ode..." soon, I have actually written quite a lot...

August 18,2000
Well. Nyx and I are off to the Third Eye Blind Concert :) and btw...which I think you guys will like hearing more then about the 3EB concert is that Nyx and I also got Hanson.Net Preffered Tickets to the Oct. 17th, Memphis Concert!! So if ne of you guys out there are going email us!

June 30, 2000
I added an Updates Lists...so you better go sign up for it!! hehehe...okay. Well I just had a nice little rendezvous with Ticketmaster ::yikes:: But I triumphantly rose with 3 tickets to the Third Eye Blind concert...which I might add is going to rock!

June 29,2000
::gasps:: She actually updated! The *very* long awaited *final* chapter to Love Grows Wings is up. Expect a sequel, although I intend to handle it differently. :)