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Lost Faith

Taylor did not awake from his blissful slumber until late that day. He lay, sprawled out on his bed. The sun's rays poured in through the windowshade mercifully demanding him to shut his eyes, which he solemnly obeyed. He looked to the side of him to where Zac's body usually occupied, but he wasn't there. He looked over at his alarm clock unconsciously. 12:48; the clock's illumines red letters spelled out. He figured at this time that Isaac, who was always up with the sun, was more then likely up; must have extra iron in his blood, Zac too. Taylor feeblely got out of bed and walked over the connecting bathroom. He turned on the shower, striped down to the bare and jumped in the steamy water.


Taylor stepped out of the bathroom, dried off, and threw on a shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He padded down the stairs and slid into the kitchen. The rest of his family was already eating lunch; Chinses take-out. He sat down next to Ike and scooped out some steamed white rice and then some other concoction. When he was finished with his plate, he carried it over to the kitchen conuter, and reached for his fortune cookie. He broke the cookie and took out the little slip of paper. It read as followed: Some friends come and some friends go...but friends with problems need you the most.


"Ironic." Taylor muttered. He walked over to the phone and dialed Lindsey's number and prayed she'd be home...3...4...rings but still no answer. Her answering machine began to play

I'm probably here...I just don't think whatever you have to say is important enough." her answering machine stated boldly.

Taylor held the receiver in front of him. He could hear the answering machine beep. He brought the phone back up to his dry lips.

"Hey Lindsey....umm this is Taylor we just got back from L.A. I was kind of hoping ya'd be home." Then he hung the phone still shock. "Was that Lindsey's voice over the phone?" he was sure that was her number...he'd had it memorized by heart, but looked it up just in case...sure enough that was her number...but her voice was so melodramatic, so cold; harsh, like she didn't care bout anything. He picked up the phone yet again and called Megan.

"Is Megan there?" He asked.

"Yeah hold on....Megan phone." Megan's sister yelled.

"Hello." Megan answered

Hey's me Taylor."

"Taylor so your back, huh?"

"Yeah well I was wondering if you knew what was up with Linds I mean I go her answering machince and...."

"Oh the message where she pulls the "I don't care crap"?"


"Well she's home she just doesn't pick up the phone hardly ever."

"Well why?"

"Oh I guess you didn't hear what happened." Megan's voice sank.

"No what happened?" He said, his mind jumping to conculisons of all sorts.

"Well about a month ago.."Megan breathed in deeply."Lindsey's Mother, Karen, was shot...several times..once in the chest and once in the she is resting up in Heaven."

"Oh God." Taylor stuttered."

"But it only get's worse, Tay, Lindsey just happened to witness the whole incident...she's been like in dinal ever since...and her dad started home schooling her and that depressed her even more...she led our basketball team to the state finials this I mean she like has cut her self off from reality...but Tay..honestly I think you should go over there and talk to her..I know that she'll probably be mad at you....she really needed you, she waited everyday for you to call her...."Meg trailed off.

"I had no idea...I feel so stupid."

Don't Tay, don't hate your self she just had to much faith in you." Megan stressed "faith" violently. Megan's words stung Taylor.

"I'll talk to ya later, bye meg."He hung up the phone. He felt wretched. He walked to the door, opened it up and walked briskly through his yard to Lindsey's.He knocked on the door. After a few knocks the door creaked open. Lindsey peered through the opening. Her glassy green eyes periced through him, making him feel uncomfortable. Her brown hair was pulled back in a slopy pony tail. She gazed at him for a brief minute and then slammed the door. He could have almost predicted this would happen, he deserved it. Lindsey walked over to the dark cherry table thinking she would be okay with him reapearing. She could feel her eyes ignite her tear ducts. Her eyes surged with tears, which eventually spilled out. Taylor turned the door knob to her house. It was unlocked. He could see Lindsey's back was turned to him. She didn't even flinch when he shut the door. He could tell she was trying to make her self stop crying but her tears refused to yeild. He walked over to her and touched her shoulder envolping her in a tight hug. At first she struggled to break free but soon just collapsed from the emotional strain. Taylor stroked her back comfortly. He held her for serval minutes until she loosened her griped and took a step back.

Taylor please leave." she mumbled wiping the tear that ran from her eye.

Taylor was confused, he just let the girl cry out her guts on him and now she is telling him to get out. He turned and left shutting th door behind him. He walked curtly over to his house and rushed up the stairs. He walked into his room slamming the door behind him. Ike, who was reading, laying on his bed, looked up at Taylor.

"Rotten day huh?" Ike spoke up.

"I don't get women or maybe just Lindsey!"Taylor said frustrated.

"Well...what happened?"

"Okay well I call her up to talk her I like get this horrid message on her machine, so I call Megan and she tells me that Lindsey's mom died last month and Linds really needed someone to talk to and had waited like every day for me to call, so now I'm feeling sinister here, so I go over there and she answers the door and then slams it in my face. Well she didn't lock the door so I just walked in and she began to cry and I hugged her and she seemed okay and then she like commands me to get out of her could you possibly tell me what is up with that?!" he said pracitcally yelling.

" just weren't there when she needed you the most...and you can't totally blame yourself for that cuz ya didn't know, and you just all oc a sudden show up on her door step undexcpectedly, someone who I might add she hasn't seen since hefore her mom died..just give it time bro..she'll get things figured out, hopefully.

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