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Deep Water

Taylor lay sprawled out on his bed, reflecting on the past day, his first encounter with Lindsey since he had been back home. How he wanted more then anything for her to be like she was before; his best friend. He felt so far away, like there were light years in between them. It was about 1:15 AM and yet had not succeeded in falling asleep, but he could tell he was about to slip into a deep slumber.


When he finally awoke the next moring around 11, he felt somnolent; drowsy. He walked over to the bathroom and ran cold water over his face to wake him up. The cold water hit him, if felt good; refreshing. He stepped out of the bathroom feeling replished. He decided to go down stairs and fill his empty hole, known as his stomach. In red permanent marker a date was circled. He read the tiny letters under the circle number and day.

Concert: Tulsa, OK -- 7:00 be there by 2!

"Perfect!" He exclaimed.

That's just what Lindsey needs to realize why he didn't see what he was doing all this time that made him not be in tuned with the rest of the world. He was virtually jumping of nirvana; pure bliss. He ran down the creaky stair case losing his balance and sliding on his butt. He practically jumped the remaining three stairs arriving with a thump at the landing.

"Taylor, honey you okay?" His mom asked , as she walked into the forure.

"Yeah...I am simply brilliant" he said as his eyes lighted up.

"Well, I always knew you were smart.. but Tay..brilliant.. aren't you being a little exaggerant?"

"I'm glad you think so highly of me." he sarcasticed.

"Okay okay so why do u think you're so intelligent?"

"Well..okay well you know the whole Lindsey sistuation...well I want to give her a ticket and a back stage pass for the concert next week."

"Hmmm do you think she'd come?"

She just has too...or my life as we know it will be...runied" he said dramatically.

"Well then you better do a lot of sucking up to her or we might not have a Taylor anymore." she laughed. Taylor just rolled his eye's at her coriness.

At this moment Zac came bounding down the stairs, "And he's gonna start out something like this," Zac said clearing his throat,"Lindsey I love you and I want to be with you for ever and ever..I can't sleep at nights, because my thoughts are overwhelmed with the excitment of one day when..."

"I think I've heard enough!" Mrs. Hanson turned covering her ears.

"Lord, Zac you know that's sooo not even, I mean anybody in their right mind would beat the shit out of you right now."

"I heard that Taylor!" his mom yelled from in the kitchen.

"Yeah but u haven't because you're not in you right mind!" Zac teased

" Yeah Yeah okay,"Taylor stated, "But I could still kick your ass any day." Tay said lowering his voice so his mom couldn't hear his vuglar language. She didn't like obsene language in her house, so he tried to restrain himself. Taylor walked pass Zac into the study, shutting the door behind him. He sat down at the dark stained oak desk. He pulled out a drawer and grabbed a crisp piece of paper. He shuffled through the desk looking for a pen, but the only writing utensil he could find was a purple magic marker, Avery's perhaps. He began to scribble something on the paper. When he was finished, he creased the paper and placed it into a blank evelope. Taylor walked out of the house and shoved it in to her mail box, hoping she would check her mail soon. He then left, praying to himself that she would be back to herself--the way he knew her.


Lindsey sat down at her black Baldwin Grand Piano and began to play Chopin's "Nocturne in B major". Mid way though the song, she hit the wrong chord, She immediately stopped, and closed her eyes. A small tear rolled down her cheek, that lightly hit the white key of Middle C, she wiped it off quickly, water on a piano was never good.

"Lord", she cried out,"I can't seem to do anything right, what's wrong with me?!" There was nothing left for her to do in the house, she was miserable. She was usually a very active girl, but in the past month she had felt no reason to get out anymore.

"Maybe i'll go see if the mail has came today, perchance there might be a letter saying that I have been diagonised with some kind of uncurable disease and I will leave this wretched world in a few months...even better a few days." her corrupt thougts were terrible but she couldn't help it, what was left for her?

She casually walked out the door and down the walkway to the mail box. She opened it and looked inside. All she found was a blank envelope, she picked it up and brought it inside with her, locking the door behind her. She carefully opened the envelope so not to disturb the contents. Lindsey pulled out the letter, opening it up so that the purple marker faced her. She began to read:

Dear Linds,.......she hadn't heard that in a long time, there were only two people in the world who ever called her "Linds" and only one of them is living now.........

I know I'm not your favorite person in your life right now, I'm not sure who is. I hate it that you blame me for something that I didn't know about. I didn't find out until I came back home. I'm terribly sorry, I know that was a great loss to everyone. I never meant to hurt you. Promise. And I'm sorry for anything that I have ever done to hurt you. Lindsey, the distance between us is driving me to the point of insanity; madness. I have enclosed a ticket and a backstage pass for one of our concerts. It starts at 7:00 and I'd really like to see you there, we all would.


Another tear flowed down her cheek staining the paper and making the purple marker run. She folded the letter back up and carried it up to her room. She opened the drawer of her nightstand and placed the envelope inside. She layed back on her pale blue and yellow plaid comforter. Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably. She had never been the one to cry, but the past month that seemed to be all she did, sort of like a hobby. She couldn't find satisfaction in anything; nothing ever seemed to pasify the deep wound in her. Oh how she wished none of this had ever happened, how she wished everything was back to normal. She leaned over the side of her bed looking for something, she wasn't quite sure what it was but something inside her told her to keep looking. Her fingers hit something cold, metal for sure. She pulled it out from under her bed. She looked at the sliver picture frame. Lindsey ran her fingers over the glass uplifting the dust that had accumulated over a period of time. The memories flooded back to her like a bad horror flick. The picture was taken when Taylor and Lindsey were 7. They were in the backyard having a mud fight and Lindsey's mother was trying to clean them up, but was faling horribly. The three were decked in mud from head to foot. She hated the past, but the present wasn't all to delightful either. Her life was dreary; pain-filled. She felt like she could crul up and dye in some God-forsaken hole in the earth. But then again this life is only temporary.

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